The acoustic wellbeing on company premises



In the workplace, a harmonious union between environment and wellbeing is essential to everyone’s health.
This is an aspect Tierre feels strongly about and, for this reason, we wish to discuss the importance of acoustic protection on company premises.

The importance of acoustic wellbeing on company premises

Acoustic stress is one of the worst threats to our everyday wellbeing.
In Tierre, we have always attributed great importance to our work environments, with spacious desks and workstations that are well distanced in order to facilitate everyone’s work activities.
In the workplace, noise has a detrimental effect on our concentration and productivity levels, as well as increasing the sensation of fatigue.

Hence the need and the decision to equip all our interiors with noise absorbing panels which reduce the acoustic reverberation normally generated in indoor environments.
We know that whenever a sound is emitted in a closed environment, our perception of it is always greater than the noise effectively produced. In fact, its entity is increased by the walls, which reflect the sound instead of absorbing it, especially if they are made of smooth materials such as marble, concrete or glass.
The purpose of the panels is in fact that of making the walls “absorbent” instead of “reflective”, in order to reduce or eliminate the “din” effect.
This also facilitates communication between the people interacting in the workspace, by making it clearer and more efficacious. This is another aspect we particularly care about.

Finally, let’s not forget the environmental issue: our decision has also been influenced by the fact that Snowsound produces 100% recyclable polyester panels. 

In brief, that of combatting acoustic stress is an important step towards the achievement of our aim: the perfect union between people, company and environment.