In the union there is our whole philosophy.

The Tierre story is the story of a union, or rather of many unions. Those between passions, people and ideas and it is from here that in 1998 one of the leading companies for fittings in the pneumatic automation, food and beverages and telecommunications sector was established.

Solid, but flexible, dynamic, but with precise goals, Italian, but with an international vision. These are the characteristics that Tierre Group has been able to adapt to market developments, responding credibly and promptly to every request.

The values of honesty, respect and fairness make Tierre Group a large family which is joined by other qualities such as reliability, punctuality and the experience of a young and focused management team. This is how the company quickly established an extensive product program, together with the speed of delivery and the reassurance of excellent customer services.

The secret of Tierre Group? The People, and making the most of them is at the centre of the company's success, because enthusiastic and motivated collaborators put passion and heart into everything they do to achieve the best performance and set new benchmarks.

Experience and innovation in their perfect union.

Invest today to create new possibilities tomorrow. It is in this thought process that the vision and credibility of Tierre Group is embraced. Following this philosophy, the company has gone beyond its traditional expertise in the distribution and supply of high-quality products to become a leading name also in the field of fittings production. Through the design, development and innovative high-performance solutions in different sectors, Tierre Group responds every day to meet the specific and complex needs of customers.

Designing and fully realizing the components of its main product ranges is the key to the success of the Tierre Group. In addition, the technological soul of the company has always joined dedicated great resources to innovation. Starting from its modern high-tech offices, passing through the advanced internal management system and automatic vertical storage warehouses, up to the new production site in Brescia, is at the heart of the Tierre Group transformation. The ability to offer customized solutions for every specific need, combined with constant technical research on materials, allows Tierre Group to obtain production efficiency and high levels of performance for all products. In addition, each process is controlled based on the most stringent Italian and European standards, which are regulated and certified internationally.

People are the future. And the future is in people.

Since it was established, Tierre Group has never stopped growing, achieved by a team of closely-knit people, united by an infinite passion for their work. It is from their vision, their knowledge and their dialogue that, day after day, new ideas and new paths are developed that go beyond pre-established boundaries and set ever more ambitious goals. It is with this spirit that today the company develops projects and programs aimed at enriching and enhancing its resources by offering healthy and constructive work spaces and environments, professional and motivational training courses, implements programs with prestigious universities such as, for example, the SDA Bocconi in Milan. All of this, because the future of people is the future of Tierre Group. Tierre Group. Always a fitting solution.