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Expertise, Reliability and Dedication to the customer’s service are the founding values of Tierre Group S.p.a. that give great importance to relations with its suppliers, to innovation and to the overall effectiveness of the entire management of the Company Quality System.

All the Tierre Group S.p.a. values are enclosed in the Quality Policy reported here below:

In order to satisfy Customer’s needs, Tierre Group undertakes to offer added value by providing quality products and services on an ongoing basis and according to the scheduled time.
The Management ensures that at all levels of the organization, adequate means are prepared and assured to achieve the following quality objectives:

Customers satisfaction - Maintaining the trust and full satisfaction of its Customers by offering quality products and services. The commitment will be to respect the foreseen and confirmed terms of delivery and to satisfy Customer expectations both in terms of technical and qualitative aspects and in terms of Customer Care.

Quality Product - The commitment will be to ensure a high standard of product quality by increasing product controls during production at the supplier and upon arrival at Tierre Group warehouse.

Continuous Improvement - In addition to the commitment to invest in training and technological innovation in order to maintain a competitive advantage, the products, services and effectiveness of the Quality System will be continuously improved through appropriate quality assessment criteria that facilitate their review.

Involvement of Staff – Each Employee / Sales Agent will make the quality policy his own, support the quality control system and undertake to achieve quality objectives through training and teamwork.

Developing Supplier Relationship – Full cooperation with suppliers, considered by Tierre Group to be true Commercial Partners, will be such as to provide mutual benefits, recognizing the crucial role they hold in the supply of quality materials, products and services.

The values described by the Quality Policy represent the standard of excellence inherent in the mission of Tierre Group S.p.a. and are guiding principles for interactions with customers, suppliers, and sales agents.

The Management