The benefits of the water purifier



We have been working for years in the “food & beverage” sector supplying pipes, fittings and accessories for the production of water treatment machines, beer tapping systems, bottling machinery, coffee machines… In short, if you want to drink… come to us!

Drawing on our experience in this sector, today we want to talk to you about the water purifier and its benefits for the environment and for daily life.


Water purifier, for an eco-sustainable world 

The use of water purifiers reduces the need in purchasing plastic bottles, a highly polluting and non-biodegradable material, which takes centuries to decompose.

Every year the world produces about 340 million tons of plastic and, for decades now, scientists around the world have been providing irrefutable evidence of the damage that the disposal of this material is causing to our health and that of future generations. 

It is estimated that, for every four bottles consumed, only one is actually recycled: the other three are incinerated, buried or dispersed in the environment, with all the consequent damages. About 2% of the plastic produced each year is dumped in the seas: going forward in this way, scientists estimate that in 30 years the oceans will contain more plastic than fish. 

In addition, it is important to highlight how the use of the purifier allows to eliminate the cost of bottled water (production, transport, disposal) and their environmental impact (emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, etc.).


Economic and functional benefits

The benefits of the water purifier do not stop at the environment, but also affect in a positive way many aspects of our daily life. 

In a few words, a purifier saves time, money, effort and space.

Think about it: having water always at hand, you will not spend money, time and effort to leave the house in order to buy packs of bottled water, which weigh and take up space in the house. 

And then, by reducing travel, you will also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, and consequently you will help the environment.

In short, the purchase of a water purifier is a small investment that will be fully repaid in the long run.

If you think that a bottle of water costs an average of 30 cents, while a litre of tap water costs 3 cents, it can be estimated that a medium-sized family spends about 350 euros per year on water, and, compared to this, a water purifier is a cost effective and convenient solution.

Our fittings, invisible but essential

Aware of the different and important benefits of these solutions, in the last few years we have been active to design, manufacture and produce fittings and accessories for fluids suitable to be in contact with food products offering optimal performances, as well as having all the necessary certifications for applications in this market.