The relaunch begins from the Italian excellence

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Today, more than ever, we think it’s fundamental to build the relaunch of our Country in the value of  “Made in Italy”, to give a strong message to the rest of the world: Italy is now recovering and wants to guarantee, as it has always done, the quality and reliability of its unique and irreplaceable products worldwide.

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Made in Italy, Our History

Thanks to our strong experience, at Tierre Group we know how important it is to focus on the “Made in Italy”.
Some years ago, we began to deal not only with distribution and supply, but also with production, and we have chosen Italy as our production site.
In contrast with the market trends, which turned ever more to the Far East, we have always believed in the value of our Country and in the importance of a production that focuses on the Italian quality and excellence.
Having the full control of the production chain, from sourcing the raw materials, strictly “Made in Italy”, to their transformation, up to the assembly and the management of the stock, allows us to keep the Italian flag flying high in the competitive global market.
The situation we experienced in the first months of 2020 has put the supply chain systems based on the foreign supplies in trouble, confirming the advantages coming from our choice.

Made in Italy, Value And Innovation

At Tierre Group we have always looked forward, and we love to say that “people are the future and the future is in people”.
We strongly believe in the skills and competences of the Italian people, as well as in the spirit of adapting themselves and in the strong desire for reinventing themselves, which are the same qualities we find in the people who work with us.
That’s exactly why we are proud of having chosen Italy, aware of the fact that our Country is the best base for creating “value”.
Our production site in Brescia, the first industrial province in Europe, allows us to combine the love for the region with the recognition at an international level.
The plant, built in the year of the twentieth anniversary of Tierre Group, represents the “summary” of our company policy: surrounded by greenery, in the heart of the industrial Italy, but shows a highly technological soul.
This where we decided to relaunch, looking at the whole world, producing in accordance to the highest international standards, regulated and certified, and dedicating great resources to innovation, which are now, more than ever, essential for the relaunching of Italian companies.
We manufacture using the latest generation of automated and robotic machinery, which guarantee a full quality control, and work together with our efficient and advanced internal management system and automatic vertical warehouses.
Innovation pervades our entire supply chain, up to the stock management, carried out according to innovative programs and methods.

The Relaunch: Digitization and Intelligence

In the most critical months of 2020, we have made a good use of the smart working tools, including the use of technology in a broader sense, to stay close to our customers with a continuous service. This experience has strongly highlighted the importance of digitization as a basis for the relaunch of Italian companies.
A fundamental point is the spirit of adaptation to an unexpected situation such as the one recently experienced, which we are still, and will continue to experience and evolve with in the future.
We are aware that the intelligence and the creativity that have always characterized our Country will prove to be important in this situation, being the main catalyst to start once again being competitive in the international market.

Relaunching the “Made in Italy”

In line with the latest market research, which highlight the Italian peoples growing interest for the “Made in Italy”, at Tierre Group we invite both our countrymen and the foreign customers to discover and rediscover the quality of the Italian production in every market field, from food to fashion industries, passing through the fittings, of which we are the proud producer and distributors.
We are strongly aware that the “Made in Italy” movement, thanks to its innovation is already moving towards new markets and destinations.


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