European market: current situation and future prospects



Our reality is deeply-rooted in italian territory, but constantly turns our attention to the rest of the world. First of all, it is important to consider our company in european market of which we trace the current situation and the future prospects.

Tierre Group in Europe

We are present in all the european countries in the market: 19,40% of them are our direct clients, and the rest 80,6% are our distributors. 48,64% comes from direct sales, while the remaning 51,36% is developed throught distribution. Reliability, proficiency/expertise, experience, commitment, precision and uniqueness are our added values that guarantee our competitiveness at European level. On line with our scrupulousness that has always distinguish us,our products are certified in compliance with Italian, European and International regulations.

Europe: a look at the current contest

In Europe, 2021 recorded percentage changes in export especially in Countries like Holland (+49,2%), Belgium (+30,7%), Czech Republic (+28,5%), Austria (+24,3%), Turkey (+24,1%), Romania (+21,32%) and Spain (+21,8%).
Italy recorded 16,8% in line with Germany (+17,3%) and France (+10,0%).
Industrial sectors that have recorded the best performance are: Crude Oil, Refining, Natural Gas, Chemistry, Agriculture, Paper-Printing, Leather Goods, Clothing and Metals.
The impact of economic activity has been wide and generalized : all components of domestic demand have contributed positively to the GDP rebound of 2,0% (2,1% in euro area).

Ecological transition

In light of growing attention of companies to the environment, the keyword to analyze the european market is “ecological transition”.

The ecological transition reflected in areas such as:

  • the agricultural sector, adopts circular economy and aims to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of polluting fertilizars
  • he energetic sector thanks to renewable energy, investment to hydrogen and the upgrading of nuclear power plants;
  • the automotive sector with the requalification of the plants and the intet to achieve zero emission mobility;
  • oil & gas sector, with the definitive stop to the drills;
  • the pharmaceutical sector with the safeguard/protection of biodiversity

In addition to these, we also point out chemical, industrial, iron and steel and food sectors. All the areas mentioned show great ferment and could contribute to help the eauropean economy in the next years.

European market: growth trends and future forecasts

In European market, short-term growth prospects could be hempered by the increase of energy costs, in particular of natural gas and electricity. After a sharp drop in 2020, prices are increased incredibly in last few months, even more that during pre-pandemy. However, being connected to post-pandemic reopening and the consequent economic adjustment, price pressures should be largely transitory: after reaching 2,4% in 2021, inflation in euro area is expected to fall to 2,2% in 2022 and to 1,4% in 2023, as energy costs should graduality stabilise from the second half of the year and imbalance between supply and demand should be resolved.

Despite the temporary critical issues, it is expected that the European Union will continue to expand its self: in 2021, it achieved a growth rate of 5,0%, a result of 0,2 percentage points higher than initially expected. It is therefore expected that economic activity in EU will increase of a solid 4,3% (as in euro area) in 2022, before decelerating to 2,5% (2,4% in euro area) in 2023.

In closing, the labour market is expected to complete its recovery this year, laying the ground on ongoing economic expansion. An estimated 3,4 milions jobs will be created between 2022 and 2023, bringing the unemployment rate in EU down from 7,4% in 2020 to 6,5% forecast for 2023. It is also estimated that the investments financed by the RRF and the related structural reforms will drive productivity growth at a sustained pace, with 2,9& increase in 2022 and 1,6% in 2023.

With our mind always open to new horizons, we at Tierre are ready to face challenges and opportunities that European market will present us in the following years.