COVID-19 Emergency – Tierre Group directives



Following to the latest news relating to the further restrictions the Italian government had to carry out in order to counteract the spread of Coronavirus, Tierre Group, in order to protect the safety and health of all the collaborators and to stay in line with the recommendations contained in the Dpcm issued, has decided to temporarily stop the production activity till Friday 20th March included ( we reserve the right of extending the suspension depending on the progress of the emergency ), guaranteeing at the same time full commercial activities in terms of deliveries and customer services thanks to the support of the smart working tools, the presence in place of warehouse operators and some key figures in the company.

Given that it’s our duty to comply with the ordinances and legal obligations, we will do in any case our best to ensure all our customers a continuity of services in relation to the new temporary needs required by the economic system of our territory.

At this same regard, we would like to inform you that our Management and all our collaborators are demonstrating a considerable commitment with the strong and precise aim not to stop the services of our company. In any case we will keep you informed, in the next few days, if any changes in the operating activities occour.

We also remind you that, in order to comply with the ministerial indications, everyone is invited to avoid visits to our company. Our external commercial activities will be suspended as well.

Regarding the delivery methods and receipt of the goods, we invite you to properly instruct your collaborators and/or drivers. Here following some important notes :

    1. Use of PPE ( protective masks and gloves )
    2. During the operations of loading and unloading, please maintain the safety distance of at least 1 mt. by our warehouse operators
    3. The transport documents ( delivery notes, etc. ) will be forwarded by e-mail, if possible, and, if not, pleaserefer to the same rules indicated above for the maintenance of the safety distance of at least 1 mt.
    4. Absolute prohibition in the use of the company toilets
    5. Absolute prohibition of the circulation in the company places such as coffee and food dispensers

Today, more than ever, the responsability of each of us and the highest attention and respect of the measures communicated are essential for the well being and health of everybody.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards