The World Day for Safety and Health at Work



To mark the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we are keen to highlight our everyday commitment to safeguarding the health of all those who work with us. We care for each one of them and so we have implemented a series of safety measures in the workplace, in full compliance with the Italian Leg. Decree 81/08. We have drawn up a corporate Risk Assessment document (DVR) and a health surveillance plan with the support of the Prevention and Protection Service and the appointed medical doctor, and these have laid the foundations for guidelines, procedures and protocols, along with a constant monitoring activity. We are particularly focused on the inspection of machinery and equipment and their ongoing maintenance, as well as the work environment itself, which must be pleasant and conducive to the psychological and physical wellbeing of our people. We provide all employees with the necessary personal protection devices to enable them to do their job in safety and tranquillity.

Finally, we instruct all our employees with a view to making them feel responsible for workplace safety, by providing general and specific training courses on first aid, fire prevention and many other topics. Besides, for more than one year now, we have been engaged in studying measures to counter and contain the spread of COVID-19. We have implemented a shared company protocol contemplating the regular sanitation of our premises, smart working with the provision of laptop computers, work shifts with the creation of well-defined and identified teams, the provision of sanitizing products and FFP2 surgical facemasks, special insurance coverage and a screening programme with antigen rapid tests carried out by health workers every three weeks. “Work safety” is a topic we are a lot about in our company and we believe that each member of our team should be aware of its importance, since it is everyone’s right and duty.