The Fluidfit range, which includes push-fit fittings, valves, filters, regulators and LLDPE pipes, was developed from our need to provide high-quality products for the food industry, water treatment, vending and beverage distribution sectors.



Given the importance of these target sectors, Fluidfit has been designed and manufactured by carefully selecting suitable raw materials used in the production process, in order to comply with the highest and most strict quality standards required by the market.
The health and safety of the water, drinks and fluids used in the production processes by our customers are guaranteed in full compliance with the international and European standards, as the Fluidfit range complies with the EC 1935/2004, DM174 / 2004, ACS, NSF 51 and 61 standards, WRAS, W270 and KTW.
The Fluidfit range guarantees a safe and reliable connection: a simple action allows the insertion of the tube into the fitting, ensuring a perfect and safe sealing of the system and significantly reducing assembly times.
Thanks to the cooperation with the most important players in the market and the attention to detail, our engineers have developed several improvements, these include the use of EPDM gaskets that guarantee high operating temperatures, up to 98°C. Given these characteristics, Fluidfit can be used in the coffee and beverage vending machines sectors, as well as in the field of water dispensers and purifiers, beer dispensers, beverage and soft drinks, in the misting systems and analysis laboratories, in the pneumatic, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
The Fluidfit multiplicity of use is further endorsed by its compatibility with different types of tube: from the standard in Polyethylene, to Polyamide, Polyurethane, PTFE and FEP. A perfect seal is also guaranteed with pipes made of soft metals such as brass, copper, mild steel and aluminum. Where there is the need to satisfy the connection with stainless steel pipes, the Fluidfit range offers specific solutions thanks to the Steelfit fittings: this type of fittings is particularly suited to the refrigerator sector for connecting stainless steel coils for the cooling of beer and beverages.
The total management of the entire production process, from the initial design of the gripper and the fitting to the creation of the moulds, allows us to create customized solutions to meet every specific application need of our customers.