F-LinePRO our new solution for compressed air distribution networks



The new F-Line.PRO system has been designed for the construction of distribution networks for compressed air, vacuum and neutral gases, and for the construction of industrial plants.
Thanks to the experience gained in the industrial sector and the specialisation aimed at pneumatic applications, Tierre Group has created F-Line.PRO, defining a new high-tech standard of quick-coupling connection.
Perfect sealing, first-class mechanical performance, easy assembly and modularity allow savings both in installation and over the life of the system.

The special aluminium alloy used for the production of the pipes and the special painting, as well as the high-performance polymer used for the realisation of the fittings, represent the best possible solution for the realisation of compressed air networks.
The corrosion phenomena will no longer be a problem and the quality of the air conveyed through the F-Line.PRO system will ensure a longer service life of the connected instruments and machinery.

Easy, safe, fast, intuitive, robust and economical. A product that can make the creation of a compressed air network a breeze.
The currently available range allows the creation of connections for 20mm, 25mm and 40mm diameter aluminium tubes. Soon the system will be expanded to make connections for 32mm, 50mm and 63mm diameters.
The F-Line.PRO catalogue also includes all the accessories needed to complete a modern and efficient distribution network for compressed air, from FRL groups to spirals, from blow guns to automatic joints.