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The acoustic wellbeing on company premises


  In the workplace, a harmonious union between environment and wellbeing is essential to everyone’s health. This is an aspect Tierre feels strongly about and, for this reason, we wish to discuss the importance of acoustic protection on company premises. The importance of acoustic wellbeing on company premises Acoustic stress is one of the worst […]

The benefits of the water purifier


  We have been working for years in the “food & beverage” sector supplying pipes, fittings and accessories for the production of water treatment machines, beer tapping systems, bottling machinery, coffee machines… In short, if you want to drink… come to us! Drawing on our experience in this sector, today we want to talk to […]

Students and business connection


  The school-work alternation is one of the most significant innovations of the law 107 – 2015, in line with the principle of the “open school”. This is an activity that companies, public and private entities, associations and professionals who want to invest in the educational and professional development of young people can sign up […]

The relaunch begins from the Italian excellence

Tierre Group fittings for

Today, more than ever, we think it’s fundamental to build the relaunch of our Country in the value of  “Made in Italy”, to give a strong message to the rest of the world: Italy is now recovering and wants to guarantee, as it has always done, the quality and reliability of its unique and irreplaceable […]

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About us


  IN THE UNION THERE IS OUR WHOLE PHILOSOPHY Tierre’s story is the story of a union, or rather of many unions. Those between passions, people and ideas, with precise goals. Italian, but with an international vision. Thanks to these characteristics Tierre Group has been able to adapt to market developments, responding promptly and in […]